Counselors should refer to the ACCESS Policy Manual for more information regarding policies and procedures. The common responsibilities for a counselor can include but are not limited to: 

  • Attend counselor trainings provided by the Regional Support Center 
  • Communicate to student and parents about what ACCESS offers 
  • Ensure that students understand the expectations of their ACCESS course 
  • Ensure student meet the requirements before enrolling them in an ACCESS course
  • Promptly provide special service documentation in PowerSchool for students who need accommodations in their ACCESS course 
  • Effectively use Cross LEA in Powerschool to enroll/un-enroll students in courses


For information related to ACCESS Counselor Training please contact Terri Miles ( or Savannah Mathews (

Please visit our facilitator page for more details regarding facilitator training or contact Wanda Spradley ( and/or Staci Toole (

Testing and Exam Policy 

All Unit Tests and Exams are password protected and must be proctored by a facilitator. All Mid-Terms and Finals are required. For more information please refer to Tests/Exams & Proctoring/Passwords Policies


Flyer describing a virutal tutoring option for ACCESS Students

Academic Terms 

Q1 – Quarter 1 – Nine-Week Term in the Fall (0.5 Credit)
Q2 – Quarter 2 – Nine-Week Term in the Fall (0.5 Credit)
Q3 – Quarter 3 – Nine-Week Term in the Spring (0.5 Credit)
Q4 – Quarter 4 – Nine-Week Term in the Spring (0.5 Credit)
Semester 1 – 18-Week Fall Semester Course (0.5 Credit)
Semester 2 – 18-Week Spring Semester Course (0.5 Credit)
Fall Block – 18-Week Fall Semester Course (1.0 Credit)
Spring Block – 18-Week Spring Semester Course (1.0 Credit)
Traditional, All-Year Course – Yearlong Course (1.0 Credit)

Parent Engagement 

Parents can be one of the most influential reasons students are successful in their ACCESS course. Please let us educate your parents on why ACCESS is so important and what it can offer your students. If you would like for us to come and speak to the student's parents please contact Alicia Brown ( or Hannah Remson ( We can setup ACCESS Parent Meetings or come to your Open Houses. Please let us know how when can be service to you. 

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