Teacher Pay

Pay Scales

ACCESS teacher pay will be based upon the number of students who remain in the courses past the ALSDE drop deadlines. The rate of pay will be $185 per half credit for WBI courses and $215 per half credit for VCI courses.

Pay Timeline

ACCESS Teachers based at the Troy University Support Center will be paid based on the following timeline.

Paid No Later Than Dec 30
TDA H1 (0.5 credit)
Fall Block H1 (0.5 credit)
Semester 1 (18 week 0.5 credit)
Q1 (9 week 0.5 credit)

Paid No Later Than Feb 27
Fall Block H2 (0.5 credit)
Q2 (9 week 0.5 credit)

Paid No Later Than April 30
TDA H2 (0.5 credit)
Spring Block H1 (0.5 credit)
Semester 2 (18 week 0.5 credit)
Q3 (9 week 0.5 credit)

Paid No Later Than June 30
Spring Block H2 (0.5 credit)
Q4 (9 week 0.5 credit)

Paid No Later Than Sept 30
Any Summer Section

Deposit Amounts

All ACCESS teachers shall be considered Adjunct Part Time instructors unless otherwise noted by the support center. Deposits are subject to federal, state, and local taxes.

*All deposits are dependent upon the support center receiving a signed copy of the teacher's instructional contract. 


VirtuOwl Online Tutoring flyer for ACCESS Students to apply for

Teach for us 

If you would like to apply to teach for access, please click the link below.

Teacher Application


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