Facilitator First Fridays

Join us on the first Friday of every month by Zoom at 7:30 AM to talk about what's going on in ACCESS and your Lab. 

Facilitator First Fridays 


VirtuOwl Online Tutoring Flyer for ACCESS Students


Facilitators serve as a face-to-face supervisor of ACCESS students at their school and are a critical part of the ACCESS program. As an on-site classroom facilitator, you will have a significant impact on the success of your students and the virtual learning program at your school. Your responsibilities will be many, but training provided by regional ACCESS support centers will enable you to meet responsibilities related to handling technical issues, using the learning management system, receiving virtual learning courses and managing a virtual learning classroom.

  • Supervise ACCESS students 
  • Communicate/Coordinate with ACCESS support center
  • Monitor student behavior in the computer lab
  • Weekly check-in for academic progress
  • Maintain open communication with administrations to ensure student success
  • Handle minor technical issues that may arise
  • Ensure students remain on task and are following course pacing guide 
  • Keep track of student attendance and send to teacher
  • Ensure the integrity of work that is being submitted 
  • Provide technical training on the use of email, submitting work, and utilizing course materials to ensure students understand the fundamentals of their ACCESS course 

Testing and Exam Policy 

All Unit Tests and Exams are password protected and must be proctored by a facilitator. All Mid-Terms and Finals are required. For more information please refer to Tests/Exams & Proctoring/Passwords Policies. 


Required Online Certification

ACCESS Facilitator training is completed through an online course. Complete the certification by following instructions below.

Facilitator Training Instructions

For additional resources please utilize the Facilitator Training PowerPoint

Facilitator Reference Guide

This reference guide is a great tool for all facilitators. This guide references facilitator best practices, how students can be successful when completing assignments, password management and more. 

Facilitator Reference Guide

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