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Dr. John M. Hinck serves as the Assistant Professor of Leadership for the USAF’s Air University, and is the 2019 Air University Civilian of the Year (Category IV/Non- Supervisory). John, a former Army Colonel with 22+ years of serving as a combat leader and Apache pilot, commanded 2nd Battalion, 314th Aviation Regiment and Task Force ODIN-Afghanistan of 750 people and 43 aircraft comprised of fixed wing and unmanned systems. The unit received the Army’s 2010 Fixed Wing Unit of the Year award. He served with distinction in Korea, Germany, Bosnia, Albania, Iraq, and Afghanistan. After military service, John received his PhD in leadership studies from the University of San Diego, and is a speaker, consultant, and board certified executive/leadership coach. His current areas of research include designing leadership development programs, leadership coaching, increasing shared authority in eldercare, and improving organizational commitment. He teaches classes on leadership, coaching, leading change, and research methods. He works with the USAF’s Eaker Center for Leadership Development in designing and delivering the Leader Development Course for Squadron Command. John is involved with Leadership Montgomery, a city-wide program that brings together leaders to study and solve critical community issues. He has published books and articles on leadership, coaching, communication, and designing leadership development programs. John is a graduate of the Moller-Burns Learn to Lead Program, University of Cambridge, England, and invited faculty at the Hansen Summer Institute for International Peace and Cooperation where he teaches leadership and problem solving to international fellows from 22 participating countries.


Publications & Presentations

Hinck, J. (2019). Leadership Development of Military Officers as Leadership Coaches. 21st Annual Global Conference of the International Leadership Association, Ottawa, Canada; and under review with Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice.

Hinck, J. & Davis, S. (2019). Measuring Impact of the Leader Development Course for Squadron Command. 3rd Annual Global Conference on Education and Research, Sarasota, Florida; and under review with the International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

Hinck, J. (2019). Understanding the Decline in Participation of Fraternal Organizations and Challenges in Meeting Members’ Needs: A Mixed Methods Approach. 48th Annual Conference of the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Volunteer Action (ARNOVA), San Diego, CA.

Hinck, J. (2019). Building a Leadership Model for Family Eldercare. 21st Annual Global Conference of the International Leadership Association, Ottawa, Canada and under review with the International Journal of Leadership and Change.

Hinck, J. (2017). Designing an Organizational Leadership Development Program: A Case Study Approach. Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership, Vol. 7, No. 4, pp. 268-286.

Hinck, J. (2015). Strength & Honor: 64 stories of leadership, character, and values. Des Moines, IA: Book Press Publishing.


Research Interests

Current research interests are:

  • Organizational leadership
  • Leadership development
  • Developmental and performance-based coaching
  • Organizational commitment/attraction/retention
  • Shared authority in family eldercare



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