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Troy University BEST is a volunteer-based program, almost entirely staffed by volunteers from Troy University, civic groups, the community, local industry, and local and state government. We gladly welcome all individuals and groups that want to be a part of this worthwhile, rewarding, and incredibly fun experience! Hosting the competition requires 30 - 50 volunteers working in several different capacities to make the event a success. All volunteers (mentors, judges, personnel) receive training, a t-shirt, and lunch. No experience is required to participate and training is provided.

The three types of volunteers needed at Troy University BEST are:

Team Mentors

Team mentors work directly with a school's robotics team through the eight week "design and construction" phase leading up to the competition itself. Team mentors are generally members of the local community and/or industry with a strong commitment to helping students.

Competition Judges

Competition judges assess numerous awards categories on "Game Day". Categories range from non-technical (marketing presentations, spirit & sportsmanship) to technical (most elegant and most creative robot design) and all are fun to judge! Competition judges should be Troy University graduate students, faculty or STEM professionals.

Event Personnel

Event personnel aid in Game Day operations, including areas such as registration, hospitality, merchandise sales, refereeing, and scorekeeping. Anyone can serve as Game Day Personnel. Troy University undergraduate students are welcome and encouraged to serve as event personnel.

For more information about becoming a team mentor or a competition judge, please contact:
Troy University BEST Robotics 

Adapted from South’s BEST Robotics     

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