Reach Project

Reach Project

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3D Printed Prosthetic Hand.  Young girl gesturing the "ok" hand sign.3D Printed Prosethic Hand being used by young man to look at his mobile phone.3D Printed Prosethic Hand being used by young man to drink from a cup.


REACH is a community service collaboration between CCFA and CHHS to bring offer assistive technologies in our community. 

The focus of this collaboration is to provide a client-centered, interdisciplinary projects combining assistive technology and prosthetics, and human services to children and veterans in our communities.  Our target local population will include: children, veterans, elderly and those without the socio-economic support to obtain these services.

The World Health Organization estimates there are 30 million amputees around the world and a shortage of 40,000 trained prosthetists. 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing) is making prosthetics accessible in cost and distribution.


University student stading in front of 3D printed prosthetic hands and 3D printers.Child's had with poland disease fitted with a 3D printed prosethic hand.REACH 6


To learn more about the REACH Program contact:

Walter Black:


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