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Troy University’s Janice Hawkins Cultural Arts Park and International Arts Center is the place where East meets West at Troy University. People of all ages come together to celebrate, to dance, to sing, to learn, to find inspiration and to experience the world in the beautiful Janice Hawkins Cultural Arts Park. Inside the International Arts Center, the Fred “Nall” Hollis Museum features Nall’s works from the 1960s to today, and the Huo Bao Zhu Gallery houses a revolving gallery of art and visiting exhibits. The Warriors Unearthed exhibit by artist Frank Marquette interprets the history behind the famous terracotta warriors.

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Nall | Alice in Wonderland

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Exhibit opens on Oct. 8 in the Nall Museum and Gallery

In 1975, Nall discovered the enchanting and mysterious “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass”. He read and studied the text with great passion, intrigued by the author, Lewis Carroll and the main character, Alice. After a decade of of studying pencil drawings at Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris and the University of Alabama, and being mentored by surrealist painter Salvador Dali, Nall embarked on the creation of what he hails the most important series of his lifetime: “Alice in Wonderland”.

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The mission of the IAC is to promote artistic enlightenment, cultural exchange and personal well-being for the Troy University community and beyond through University initiatives and collaborative partnerships, both local and international.


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A wide veiw of Janet Nolan's sculpture known a "Can-Can." This sculpture is made of wire and bottle caps, and fills the foyer wall in abstract swirls that take on a variety of forms. The materials of this sculptural installation are brightly colored recyclables.

Janet Nolan : Reimagining the Everyday

Janet Nolan (1942 – 2019) explores the transformation and resurrection of everyday objects, which are most commonly tossed aside, in her exhibition “Reimagining the Everyday”. Unwanted debris, which once served a purpose, takes on a new life and role in this whimsical, colorful display.

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