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East Meets West

East meets West is the Janice Hawkins Cultural Arts Park where people of all ages come together to celebrate, to dance, to sing, to learn, to find inspiration and to experience the world.

Made possible through generous contributions, the park includes an amphitheater, walking trails, lagoon and several prominent art installations. “Violata Pax Dove,” by the artist Fred “Nall” Hollis, is located in the Daniel Foundation of Alabama Plaza and is a symbol of both beauty and sorrow. Throughout the park, 200 replica terracotta warriors by the artist Huo Bao Zhu are displayed in exhibits representing the famous excavations in China.

Inside the International Arts Center, the Fred “Nall” Hollis Museum features Nall’s works from the 1960s to today, and the Huo Bao Zhu Gallery houses a revolving gallery of art and visiting exhibits. The Warriors Unearthed exhibit by artist Frank Marquette interprets the history behind the famous terracotta warriors.


Janice Hawkins Cultural Arts Park

Violata Pax sculpture in the Daniel Foundation of Alabama PlazaThe Janice Hawkins Cultural Arts Park was dedicated in 2016 and is home to the University's International Arts Center. The park features the Daniel Foundation of Alabama Plaza where Nall's "Violata Pax Dove" is on prominent display. Huo Bao Zhu's terracotta warriors are presented in three sections representing the architectural digs in Xi'an, china, and Huo's work, "Dancing Emperor," presides of the entrance to the IAC facility. The park also features a series of benches by artist Frank Marquette, walking trails, a lagoon and an amphitheater that is home to University events and performances. The University's graphic design program is located inside the International Arts Center where students enjoy a design lounge, classrooms and a lab.


Terracotta Warriors

Terracotta Archers at the International Arts Center in Troy, ALVisit 200 Terracotta Warriors, created by Dr. Huo Bao Zhu, on display in the Janice Hawkins Cultural Arts park. These replicas of the originals found in Xi'an, China can be visited with more detail in our inside Warriors Unearthed exhibition.

Terracotta Exhibit Info


Huo Bao Zhu Gallery

Visitors appreciate art in the Huo Bao Zhu Gallery










The Huo Bao Zhu Gallery is named for the artist who is responsible for the 200 terracotta warriors in the outside exhibit of the Janice Hawkins Cultural Arts Park, as well as numerous sculptures found on the Troy Campus. The Huo Bao Zhu Gallery hosts a replica of "Bronze Chariot and Horses" along with two display cases with examples of Chinese art pieces, all gifts of the artist. This dynamic space hosts an array of visiting artists and student and faculty shows, all arranged by Troy University's art department.

Hu Bao Zhu Gallery


Nall Museum and Gallery

Thanksgiving RSVP by Nall in the Nall Museum and Gallery in Troy, ALStep into the world of internationally acclaimed artist Nall by visiting his museum and gallery to enjoy work from the past fifty years of his career. Permanent and rotational temporary works are on display.

Nall Exhibit Info




Foyer Gallery

The Foyer Gallery at the International Arts Center in Troy, ALAt the heart of the IAC, this dynamic exhibition space pulls our visitors into the IAC with a rotational schedule of regional artists.











Directions from U.S. Highway 231:

From U.S. Hwy 231, turn onto George Wallace Drive. Follow George Wallace Dr. until you reach University Avenue (second traffic light), then take a left. Riddle-Pace Field will then be on your right. Continue through the red light on University Ave until you enter the round-a-bout in front of Trojan Dining then take a right onto Luther Dr. At the first stop sign, you will see The International Arts Center to your left. Parking is available out front.






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