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GEEKS360: All Sorrell College Students


GEEKS360 is the core program offered within the Sorrell 360 Center and reaches all Sorrell College of Business students across their four years of study.  GEEKS360 is a course sequence consisting of four courses designed to be taken during freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior year.  The purpose of the program is threefold:


 First, to integrate holistic professional development training across all programs and throughout a student’s entire course of study.  
Professional development is a process—not a “one and done” event. 

Second, to provide the right content at the right time.  
Freshmen have different needs and outlooks than soon-to-graduate seniors.  

Third, to connect new students with Sorrell College faculty and peers from day one of their studies.  
Well before students begin taking upper-level courses within their majors, students are connecting and building relationships with faculty and their peers.  These relationships are essential to college and career success.



Course Sequence  

BUS 1110 Class Fall 2021


Freshman Year

Orientation to Sorrell College

Connect with Sorrell College faculty, administration, student organizations, and peers from day one of your college careers.  Students are introduced to College programs, professionalism, and soft skills while building relationships with a Sorrell College faculty mentor and peer group.


Sophomore Year

Business Writing

Communicating effectively is essential to success in any business career.  Build strong written communication skills through practicing business writing tasks such as memos, resumes, and emails, and be able to communicate your written product through formal or informal presentations, conversations, and networking opportunities.


Junior Year

Professional Development

Expand and polish your presentation skills through training in professionalism, personal branding, social media presence, and workplace success. 


Senior Year

Business and Society

Build on soft skill training in emotional intelligence to consider the power of business to promote positive social outcomes.  This course emphasizes ethical decision-making, and students exit the course with an Ethical Leadership Certification.  

360Plus Degree Designation (Coming Soon)

Through GEEKS360, all Sorrell College students are trained in soft skills such as creativity, problem solving, written and oral communication, and critical thinking.  The 360Plus designation will signal to employers that a graduate chose to pursue advanced study to excel in the most sought-after skills on the job market today.  The degree designation will be earned through completing a set number of credit hours in courses designated as 360Plus courses due to a significant course requirement involving written or oral communication, project management or development, collaboration, and other relevant soft skills.  Any student in any degree program will be able to pursue a 360Plus designation solely through course selection within program requirements—without adding a single extra credit hour to their degree programs.

360Pro: An Elite Program for Top Juniors and Seniors (Coming Soon)

This invitation-only program limited to 30 juniors and seniors will offer mentoring and networking opportunities to high achieving students.  Each student participant, selected through faculty nomination, will be assigned a professional mentor employed in the student’s intended career field.  Students will also receive special access to Sorrell College and 360 Center speaking and networking events.  Additionally, members of 360Pro will spend one semester assigned as a GEEKS Guide in either BUS 1110, 2220, or 3330.  As GEEKS Guides, students will work closely with a faculty member (typically within their academic program) and take on a leadership role in the class.  GEEKS Guides will serve as mentors to newer students at the same time they are building a working relationship with their faculty mentor.  360Pro students will also benefit from events and programs in collaboration with the Sorrell College Global Scholars Program, the Dean’s Student Advisory Board, and other organizations within the College.



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