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Chemistry is the study of the properties and behavior of atoms and molecules. The world around us is composed of matter, and chemistry explains the composition of matter, its transformations, and the energies that are associated with these transformations. Chemists seek to understand and use matter in ways that benefit society. Many of the modern-day, and day-to-day items like plastics, medicine, fuel, food, soap, fertilizers, and even some of the electronic components of a computer are developed by chemists who have pioneered exploration of the unknown and have continuously pushed the boundary of knowledge. Chemistry is the central science, connecting disciplines like physics, biology, geology, agriculture, pharmacy, material science and engineering.

Students studying chemistry at Troy University will receive training in the theoretical underpinnings of the subject as well as hands-on experience in laboratory skills. The small class sizes allow faculty members and students to interact frequently and on personal levels. The faculty in chemistry routinely offer research experiences to students in areas such as organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, computational chemistry, biochemistry, and drug discovery.

Our chemistry majors and minors find diverse career opportunities in academia, industry, and government. In recent years, many of our chemistry major graduates have continued their studies, primarily but not exclusively, in graduate programs across the country and have eventually found research positions. Some graduates in chemistry have taken additional courses in secondary education to pursue a career in teaching in the high school system. Other graduates have procured positions in private industry and the government in which their knowledge of chemistry, laboratory skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills are valued.

Department of Chemistry
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501 University Ave. (MSCX, Rm. 315)
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