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Prerequisites for Entrance into the MBA Program

MBA Prerequisites/Business Foundations Certificate


Accelerate your entrance into the Masters of Business Administration Program. Courses are being offered specifically for students who did not earn a bachelor's degree in business to enter the MBA program. Additional undergraduate courses may not be necessary. Students who successfully complete all four courses will be eligible to receive a Business Foundations Certificate. Contact the Sorrell College of Business (SCOB) to have your transcript reviewed and receive advisement on which courses are needed to help you enter the MBA program.

For advisement on courses required for your transcript contact:
Dr. William T. Neese
Associate Professor of Marketing
Sorrell College of Business
238-N John Robert Lewis Hall
Troy University
Troy, Alabama 36082

For technical assistance in registering for courses contact:
Continuing Education Center

Each course is $235 and must be completed within four months of the start date. A score of 80 is required to pass the module. Students are allowed three attempts to earn the score of 80. If a score of 80 is not achieved on the three attempts, the student must register for the module again.


Once you click to register, the next page will be a catalog of our courses.  Click the blue search button at the bottom of the page.  Scroll down to the course that you want and add that section to your cart.

Understanding Corporate Finance (BUS 508)
This purpose of this module is to provide the basic analytical skills common to all disciplines within the field of finance.

Business Math and Statistics (BUS 501)
Statistics and basic mathematics skills play an important role in understanding key functions within and external to the company. Therefore an understanding of these topics is important for managers. The purpose of the module is to provide the user with a broad overview of the basic math and statistics necessary for business and to introduce the most popular forms of forecasting techniques.

Financial Accounting (BUS 502)
A working knowledge of accounting is critical to success in business. Accounting information underlies most strategic and operational decisions made by management. The purpose of this module is to supply managers with knowledge of the objectives of accounting and to provide the tools necessary to interpret accounting information.

Fundamentals of Economics (BUS 503)
The purpose of this module is to provide managers with fundamental economic principles, which they may use to think critically about micro and macroeconomic events.




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