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The Trojan Ambassadors serve as host to prospective students and their families through residential hall tours, campus, phone blitzes, informational sessions, gameday activities, etc. Members of this team will provide guidance and offer insight to students and their families about information such as campus life, student involvement, athletics, and the enrollment process. Members are required to meet the following criteria:

  • Cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher
  • At least second-semester freshman standing
  • Full-time enrollment as an undergraduate student at Troy University
  • Involvement, but not over-commitment, in campus activities
  • Ability to participate regularly in monthly meetings, weekend and evening events
  • Willingness to memorize a volume of material about Troy University and to keep up with current information about its growth and development
  • Excellent oral communication skills and poise in dealing with diverse groups of individuals

Trojan Ambassadors applications go out the 3rd Wednesday in March of each year, and are chosen competitively each April through an interview process conducted by the Trojan Ambassador selection committee. Members of the group must also try out every year. No particular male/female ratio is established for the group.


Jayne Berry
47 Bibb Graves Hall
(334) 670-3188

Ryan Cole
47 Bibb Graves Hall
(334) 808-6643

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