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Career Ready and Prepared for Life

Educate the Mind to Think, the Heart to Feel, and the Body to Act.

That's our motto at Troy University since 1887, and we take it very seriously. At TROY, we want our students to not only make a living, but to make a life. Student success is at the heart of all we do. Here are a few such core principals that you will find at Troy University.

Value and Values

Troy University places importance in providing students with quality academic programs, and doing so at an affordable price. We understand the importance affordability holds for families in today’s marketplace, and we are committed to creating an atmosphere and experiences for our students that reflect the value of a TROY degree. Not only do students find the value they seek in a TROY degree, but they are also welcomed into an environment where values play a key role. At TROY, you’ll find we place importance on values such as civility, respect, faith and proper communication and dress—all foundations of our Trojan Way. By combining value and values, it’s our mission to equip you with the keys to your future success.

Globally Aware

One of the many reasons TROY is known as Alabama’s International University is because we hire knowledgeable and committed faculty and staff who support our students at all of our campuses and locations around the globe. We also strive to create diverse environments where students gain the tools they need to pursue successful and fulfilling careers. It’s our mission to produce leaders and professionals who can appreciate and understand others’ differences and use that understanding to become globally aware and globally competitive.

Academic Excellence

At TROY, you’ll find a Trojan Warrior Spirit that distinguishes our University from the rest of American higher education. Here, our students know their students by name, and our culture of caring is manifest in the lifelong relationships that are formed by Trojans around the world. Today, we serve students from 13 different time zones, and they all share the same standard—academic excellence.  At TROY, we strive for our programs to be the very best that they can be in order to serve our students who entrust us with their future and potential.

Career Ready Graduates

Troy University offers students a top-ranked education made up of more than 260 internationally recognized undergraduate and graduate programs. Whether you are pursuing your bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree, TROY will help prepare you on your road to success. As you earn your degree, you’ll join the ranks of thousands of TROY Trojan Warriors who have entered the world of work career-ready and able to compete in the most competitive markets in the world.


Great Universities Stir Great Emotions.

And one can't help but have that sense of excitement at Troy University. We want our students to have a meaningful experience, to meet people from around the world, to not only feel at home, but to be full citizens of this beautiful environment that we call Troy University. We want them to embrace and embody the Trojan Warrior Spirit - that ability and persistence to succeed and take that extra step towards greater success.

The Trojan Warrior Spirit is also about respect, civility, and citizenship - looking out for our fellow Trojans like family, and fully immersing yourself in the experience. Our students stand together, challenge themselves individually, and never lose sight of the values that made them Trojans in the first place. It's that spirit that makes Troy University so much more than a University. And those who've come here agree: The world needs the Trojan Warrior Spirit.


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