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The mission of the Phenix City Center for Student Success (PC-CSS) is to provide resources and services that enhance Troy University students' academic achievement, personal and social growth, career development, and persistence to graduation.

What We Provide

The PC-CSS assists students with tutoring, counseling, academic resources, testing/computer services, and career services to provide a central environment of support to help our students navigate their journey toward academic and personal achievement. This journey will begin with testing and assessment, and will continue through remediation, and follow-up services and programs. Periodic workshops will be conducted to lead students to success.


The PC-CSS offers tutoring in basic skills development in English and Math. Tutors will assist students with requirements for courses from freshman through graduate level. Free online on-demand tutoring and writing services are available for students via NetTutor, through your Canvas online course module. As face-to-face tutoring is limited, we ask students to try NetTutor or the Math group tutoring session prior to requesting individual tutoring.

Testing/Computer Services

The PC-CSS computer lab is available for students who need to take the ACCUPLACER placement exam, proctored exams, MFT/MAPP/MAT/CPCE exams, Graduate Comprehensive Exam, or other required testing. The lab is also available to offer students the technological equipment needed to complete academic assignments, access the Internet, print, or to conduct job searches.

Career Services

By creating career goals and developing a career plan, students have a better chance of attaining a rewarding career. The PC-CSS assists with assessing skills and interests, researching occupations, resume development, job search skills, hosting career fairs, and helping connect employers with our students and alumni. Additional resources may be found by accessing “Handshake” or “FOCUS”. To access Handshake, please visit . All Troy students have a registered Handshake account. Login using your Trojan Web Express credentials. To access FOCUS, please visit Click “REGISTER” to create an account; access code: Trojan.

Tutoring Resources


NetTutor is a comprehensive online tutoring service that provides live tutoring and paper submission in many subjects. Troy University offers unlimited use of NetTutor for all students via Canvas online course modules. NetTutor tutors are available for live sessions, to answer submitted questions, and to review papers 24 hours a day, any day of the week. All questions and writing submissions to NetTutor will be returned with your tutor’s comments within 48 hours.

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Trojan Math Tutoring

Trojan Tutoring is available for students in MTH 0096, 1100, 1105, 1110, 1112, and 2201.

Tutoring sessions are conducted in group format, with individual assistance provided as necessary. 

In order to assure that you receive the best possible assistance, please email Mr. Germann at and explain your individual tutoring needs before the tutoring session. This will allow him time for preparation in the particular area that you need assistance with prior to the session.

For additional information, contact Dwayne McClenton at 334-448-5122 or

Career Services Resources


Handshake is the ultimate career network and recruiting platform for college students and young alumni. Over 250,000 companies, and all of the Fortune 500 companies use Handshake to find students for all kinds of jobs. Handshake is also used by 500+ University Career Centers.

  • Find the best jobs and internships of hundreds of top employers with the click of a button.
  • All students will have a profile on Handshake connected to Troy University which can be easily customized by adding a resume, profile picture, career interests, work experience, etc.
  • Get personalized job and internship recommendations based on your interests.
  • View career fairs/events and research companies.
  • Schedule appointments with a career counselor easier than ever before.
  • Access jobs/internships on the go with a user-friendly mobile experience.

For student/alumni additional information and training material, visit 

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Big Interview

Big Interview is a wonderful tool for practicing interviewing skills, whether you are interviewing for a job or graduate school. It allows you to create videos while answering interview questions. You have the option to save your videos and email your best to a career counselor, a family member, or a person you know who is in a hiring position for feedback.

You can choose from entry-level sessions all the way to senior level interview sessions. Notice the expressions on the faces of the interviewers as you scroll through the different levels and categories. Choose from a variety of interviewer personalities that range from "pleasant and friendly" to "stern and sometimes difficult." Select different categories of interview questions organized by experience, occupation or competency.

Start with the practice section in Big Interview to experience all kinds of interview questions and practice until you become a pro. Use the Fast Track tutorial when you have an upcoming interview, or when you have more time, try the Mastery Track tutorial.

Start practicing today! You will be amazed at how your interviewing skills will be enhanced.

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