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Mr. Alex Epstein SpeakerIn February 2021, the Center partnered with the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER), the Alabama Farmers Federation (ALFA), the Alabama Policy Institute (API), the Business Council of Alabama (BCA), and the Heartland Institute to host a two-day conference on “Reopening the Economy in the Age of COVID.”  Speakers included Dr. Daniel Sutter and Dr. Stephen Miller from the Center, as well Dr. Phil Magness (AIER), Mr. Jeffrey Tucker (AIER), Mr. John Tamny (RealClearMarkets and FreedomWorks), Mr. Michael P. DeGrandis (New Civil Liberties Alliance), Mr. S. T. Karnick (The Heartland Institute), Mr. Andrew Graham (Religious Freedom Institute), and Mr. Phil Williams (API).  Keynotes included Mr. Alex Epstein (Center for Industrial Progress) and Mr. Matthew Denhart (Calvin Coolidge Foundation), who delivered remarks on behalf of Ms. Amity Shlaes. The conference was held in Birmingham, Alabama, and drew attendees from business, law, policy, and higher education. 

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