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Faculty Notations

Faculty Notations

Dr. John Dove

Dr. John Dove has published papers in Applied Economics Letters, Essays in Economics and Business History, and The Review of Law & Economics. He has an article forthcoming in The Independent Review and served as the program coordinator for the 46th Annual Economic History Society Conference.   


Dr. G.P. Manish

Dr. G.P. Manish’s research has appeared in Southern Economic Journal, Journal of Institutional Economics, The Review of Austrian Economics, and Public Choice.


Dr. Allen Mendenhall

Dr. Allen Mendenhall delivered speeches, talks, or papers to audiences hosted by several organizations from The Federalist Society and the Philadelphia Society to the National Association of Scholars and the Center for the Study of Liberal Democracy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Dr. Stephen Miller 

During the 2020-2021 academic year, Dr. Stephen Miller offered timely research and commentary on the COVID-19 pandemic. His analysis focused on the empirical relationship between cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in the United States, and how that relationship varied by region and season. He spoke on the topic in a variety of venues including two presentations in the Creighton University Institute for Economic Inquiry Webinar series, a talk on COVID policy tradeoffs for the Hammond Institute for Free Enterprise (Lindenwood University) Langenberg Speaker Series, two appearances on the Freedom Adventure Podcast with David Forsyth, and presentations at the Association for Private Enterprise (APEE) Conference and the Center’s conference on Reopening the Economy in the Age of COVID in Birmingham.

Dr. Miller also spoke at Western Carolina University Center for the Study of Free Enterprise (CSFE) Townhall on Community, Policy, and COVID in May, and was a CSFE Faculty Affiliate for the 2020-2021 Academic Year. With Edward Lopez (Western Carolina) and Craig Richardson (Winston-Salem State), he published a CSFE Issue Brief, which is currently being updated for a new publication. He also published an article on the variations in regional COVID impact in the Journal of Private Enterprise and eight articles on the topic for the American Institute for Economic Research.

On the topic of economic inequality, Miller’s co-edited book (with Dr. G.P. Manish) Capitalism and Inequality was published by Routledge this year, which included Miller’s chapter on the problems with using income distribution as a measure of inequality. With Troy MA graduate Vitor Melo (now a Ph.D. student at Clemson) he is currently researching the relationship between rent-seeking and changes in income distribution and has presented on that research at the CSFE’s Scaled-Up Seminar, the Public Choice Society Meetings, APEE, and research seminars at the Center and the Free Market Institute at Texas Tech University. 


Dr. Malavika Nair

Dr. Malavika Nair’s research has appeared in Journal of Institutional Economics, Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy, Economic Affairs, and The Independent Review.


Dr. Daniel Sutter

Dr. Daniel Sutter authored nearly 50 columns this year, in addition to an op-ed in The American Thinker. He contributed several posts to the Heartland Institute’s Blog, did radio show appearances, and contributed commentary to various news outlets.  His article “Private Protection Agencies and Infectious Diseases” is forthcoming in The Journal of Private Enterprise, and his article “Property Rights and Resource Use: Evidence from MLB Starting Pitchers,” co-authored with Marc Poitras, is forthcoming in Applied Economics.

Dr. Daniel Sutter organized a virtual lecture by Dr. Robert Lawson of Southern Methodist University and Dr. Ben Powell of Texas Tech University on their book Socialism Sucks.  Dr. Sutter hosted a watch party for students and invitees and streamed the lecture on Zoom.  The recording was made available for various economics classes at Troy University.