Drop/Withdrawal | Troy University


Deadline to drop/withdraw without academic penalty.

Spring 2023 Deadlines
Full Semester       03/20/23
Term 3                      02/17/23
Term 4                      04/28/23


Summer 2023 Deadlines
Full Semester       07/07/23
Term 5                      07/07/23



 - refers to reducing, but not entirely eliminating your credit load.


- refers to removal of your entire credit load, thus the student is no longer enrolled in any classes for the given semester/term.

Withdrawal from the University

- To withdraw from Troy completely, please follow the same procedures as a Withdrawal.

Late Registration

Students are able to adjust their schedules through late registration without penalty. Students may drop courses via Self-Service during this time. However, withdrawal requests MUST BE SUBMITTED in writing to the Designated Withdrawal Official (DWO). Please check the Academic Calendar for these dates each semester, session, and term.

After Late Registration

After late registration all Tuition and Fees will be charged regardless of attendance. During this time students are able to drop courses via Self-Service up to the last class in which they are enrolled (students CANNOT withdraw completely online) prior to the deadlines listed above. If courses are dropped a non-punitive grade of DR will be issued. To withdraw from all classes, please fill out the Withdrawal form found via the “Forms” link and submit the form to the Designated Withdrawal Official (DWO). Please see the deadlines above. If a student withdraws, non-punitive grades of W will be issued.

Once all deadlines have passed, students CANNOT drop or withdraw from courses and a grade will be issued.

Please Note: You may view the entire Drop and Withdrawal policies in the current academic catalog.  Click here to see Academic Catalogs