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Enrollment/Degree Verification

NSCL Verification


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What is a verification?

A verification is an inquiry generally made by a third party to verify that a student is enrolled, has been enrolled, or earned a degree at Troy University. These types of requests will come from insurance companies, student loan providers, scholarship providers, and employers.

Are there different types of verifications?

Yes. An enrollment verification or a degree verification may be requested. An enrollment verification will verify that a student is attending or has attended classes for a specified period of time. A degree verification will verify if a student has or has not earned a degree from Troy University.

Where can I obtain a verification?

Troy University uses the National Student Clearinghouse for all verifications. If you would like to obtain a verification immediately, please click on the link above. You may also obtain a verification via the Records Office with a valid photo ID. A processing fee of $8.00 is required.



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