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Director’s Welcome

Director's Welcome

Dr. Anthony Dixon portraitOn behalf of the faculty and staff, I would like to welcome you to the School of Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management (HSTM). Capitalizing on the natural synergies among three related industry management disciplines, the School of Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management offers students an exceptional fundamental education, service learning experiences, and exposure to related industries for career preparation.

Our mission is “…to prepare students to become future leaders… by providing exemplary integrative and experiential academic preparation….” The integrative academic preparation of the HSTM program is accomplished by the comprehensive curriculum. Hospitality, sport and tourism management have emerged as related but separate and distinct fields of study. The HSTM program benefits students as the three areas of study are explored throughout the degree program, providing students with a more thorough depiction of the similarities, differences, and potential synergistic connections of businesses, organizations and careers within the these industries. Students are able to explore the related options at an early stage within their degree program so that they can make more informed decisions regarding their futures.

The foundation of the HSTM program is experiential academic preparation through student engagement in hospitality, sport, and tourism related activities on- and off-campus. A consistent message communicated by our faculty is the need for students to gain practical experiences to complement their education. It is our belief that creating learning experiences on- and off-campus provide students with the opportunity to see how knowledge gained in the classroom is implemented in a real-world setting. TROY HSTM students have numerous opportunities to take knowledge from courses and apply it to real-world situations, such as the Miracle League Charity Golf Tournament, Nick Costes 5K, Troy University Athletics Department, Southern Sport Management Conference, a Children’s Health Field Day, and Super Bowl Volunteer opportunities, among others. The combination of integrative and experiential academic preparation that students receive from the School of Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management make students more marketable upon graduation.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the quality of the HSTM faculty. The HSTM faculty is comprised of 12 full-time faculty members with extensive knowledge and practical experience in the hospitality, sport, and tourism industries. Faculty members in the HSTM program are well-known for their expertise in a variety of research areas which is evident by their numerous international and national presentations and publications. The breadth and scope of the HSTM faculty’s practical experiences includes working with the hospitality, sport, and tourism industries in various aspects, such as professional sport, intercollegiate athletics, local and state tourism agencies, numerous resorts, and consulting for public and private organizations to name a few.

An important characteristic of the HSTM faculty is their dedication to student success and achievement inside and outside the classroom. HSTM faculty members continually provide encouragement to students and push them to surpass their own expectations. Faculty members are also committed to being available to students outside the classroom and serving as mentors to support student success and achievement. The School of Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management is excited about the future of our programs. We will continue to challenge ourselves and adapt to changes in higher education and the hospitality, sport, and tourism industries. Our primary focus is and will always be our students. We invite you to become a part of our team!


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Anthony W. Dixon, Ph.D., MBA