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Dr. Christina Martin portrait

Dr. Christina Martin

Director & Professor
Doctoral Directive Faculty 

Office Phone: (334) 808-6400

Dr. Christina Martin received a Ph.D. in Human Performance and Recreation with an Emphasis in Administration and Teaching from the University of Southern Mississippi and a M.S. in Sport Administration from Mississippi State University. Dr. Martin has taught various sport management courses including: Economics, Entrepreneurship, Event Management, Legal Aspects, Research Methods, Risk Management, Sport Foundations, Sport Communication, Sport Marketing and Sport Pedagogy. Dr. Martin also served her professional community as a past-member on the Board of Commissioners for the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA). She continues to serve her profession through her work as a COSMA Program Mentor and through COSMA accreditation site visits as a site-team member. Dr. Martin was named to the 2021 COSMA Hall of Fame as a Master Professor as well as named as the 2020 Sun Belt Conference Faculty Member of the Year at Troy University. 
Research InterestsSport marketing and communication; Sport management pedagogy; Legal aspects of sport

Dr. Martin's Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Robert Mathner Pic

Dr. Robert Mathner

Assistant Director & Professor
Doctoral Directive Faculty 

Office Phone: (334) 670-3811

Dr. Robert Mathner received a Ph.D. in Physical Education with a specialization in Sport Administration from The Florida State University and a Master of Exercise and Sport Sciences from the University of Florida. He teaches in a variety of areas including sport organizational behavior and leadership, sport governance and policy, sport event management, sport ethics and has facilitated the School of HSTM’s capstone course. His prior work experience includes working in the athletics departments at UCF, Syracuse University, University of Montana, Florida State University, and with the Atlanta Braves.
Research Interests – Sports wagering; Sportsmanship

Dr. Mathner's Curriculum Vitae

Christopher Atwater Portrait

Dr. Christopher Atwater

Assistant Professor
Doctoral Directive Faculty 

Office Phone: (334) 808-6689

Dr. Christopher Atwater earned his master’s degree in Recreation, Parks, and Sport Leadership from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2006 and his PhD in Education, Urban Services Leadership from VCU in 2010. Dr. Atwater joined the faculty of Sport Management at George Mason University in January 2011 where he taught a variety of courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels including Global Perspectives in Sport, Research Methods, and Sport Analytics. During his time at GMU, Dr. Atwater was nominated for the Teaching Excellence Award and the Career Connections Faculty Award. Dr. Atwater left George Mason University in 2017 after being named Associate Professor and Director of Sport Management at Pfeiffer University where he developed the Global Sport Management master’s degree program from conception to accreditation. Dr. Atwater joined the faculty of Hospitality, Sport, and Tourism Management at Troy University in the fall of 2019.
Research Interests – Sport Analytics and Global Sport

Dr. Atwater's Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Atwater's Recent Publications

Dr. Michael Carroll portrait

Dr. Michael Carroll

TROY Online Coordinator and Professor
Doctoral Directive Faculty 

Office Phone: (352) 870-2747
(TROY Online - Orlando, FL)

Dr. Carroll received a Master’s in Exercise & Sport Sciences from the University of Florida in 2004 and his PhD in Human Performance (concentration in Sport Management) from the University of Florida in 2009. He has taught courses in legal issues in sport, sport governance, research methods, facility management, social and ethical issues in sport, and critical issues in sport. He has experience working in the Ticket Office of the University of Florida and with the Hula Bowl in Maui, Hawaii.
Research InterestsLegal issues in sport and recreation; Risk management; sport-related hazing and bullying; legal issues regarding the NCAA and student-athletes; disability sport.

Dr. Carroll's Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Chris Corr Portrait

Dr. Christopher Corr

Assistant Professor
Doctoral Directive Faculty

Office Phone: (334) 808-6787

Dr. Corr earned a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications Management from the University of Florida, master’s in Sport Management from the University of Florida, and Ph.D. in Sport and Entertainment from the University of South Carolina. Before arriving at Troy, Dr. Corr worked in a number of areas within collegiate athletics, primarily, football recruiting in the Southeastern Conference. He teaches sport finance, governance and policy in sport, and industry fundamentals.
Research Interests – NCAA institutional logic; college athletics recruiting; athletic role engulfment; legal issues in sport; racial and gender tasking.

Dr. Corr's Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Anthony Dixon portrait

Dr. Anthony Dixon

Doctoral Directive Faculty 

Dr. Anthony Dixon earned his doctoral degree from Clemson University in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management with an emphasis in sport, tourism, and economic development. Dr. Dixon earned his Master of Business Administration from East Carolina University in 2002. Dr. Dixon teaches finance, event management, research methods, and senior seminar.
Research Interests – Economic valuation of sport and tourism; Consumer behaviors; Participant and spectator preferences; collegiate and professional sport; Event management.

Dr. Anthony Dixon's Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Harriet Dixon

Dr. Harriet Dixon

Assistant Professor

Office Phone: (334) 808-6788

Dr. Harriet E. T. Dixon earned a Ph.D in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management from Clemson University and a M.S. in Recreation and Leisure Facilities and Services Administration from East Carolina University.  Dr. Dixon teaches in the area of Tourism, including:  Festivals and Events, Sustainability, Current Issues, Working In Tourism, and Global Tourism.  In addition, Dr. Dixon leads Study Abroad trips in the School of Hospitality, Sport, and Tourism Management.  Dr. Dixon has practical experience working in Community Recreation and Tourism.
Research Interests – Leisure Behavior; Tourism Behavior; Constraints to Leisure; the Travel Experience; the Study Abroad Experience; Aquatics; Qualitative Research Methods

Dr. Harriet Dixon's Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Fred Green portrait

Dr. Fred Green

Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR), Graduate Program Coordinator & Associate Professor

Office Phone: (334) 670-3764

Dr. Fred Green received a Ph.D. in Physical Education with a specialization in Sport Administration from the Florida State University and a Master of Education from Frostburg State (Maryland). He teaches classes in marketing, facility management, administration, current issues, organizational behavior, leadership and sport psychology. Prior to his work as a professor, he was a recreation director in Southwest Florida and coached basketball for several years.
Research Interests – 
Fan attendance; College football rivalries; History and geography of sport in United States

Dr. Green's Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Patrick Holladay portrait

Dr. Patrick Holladay


Office Phone: (912) 262-2511
(TROY Online - Brunswick, GA)

Dr. Holladay earned his Ph.D. from Clemson University in Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management with an emphasis in Travel & Tourism; a M.S. from Eastern Kentucky University in Biological Sciences with an emphasis in Applied Ecology; and a B.S. from Clemson University in Aquaculture, Fisheries & Wildlife Biology with an emphasis in Wildlife Biology. He teaches in the area of tourism management and has conducted tourism and ecological-based research in Eastern Europe, Central America, South America, Asia, the Caribbean, and across the United States.
Research Interests - Sustainability, social-ecological resilience, community development, food systems, natural resources, social justice and faith/spirituality.

Dr. Holladay's Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Holladay's Recent Publications

Dr. MinKil Kim portrait

Dr. MinKil Kim

Associate Professor
Doctoral Directive Faculty 

Office Phone: (770) 730-0033
(TROY Online - Atlanta, GA)

Dr. MinKil Kim received a Ph.D. and a M.S. in sport management from University of Florida and B.S. in Marketing from University of Alabama. He teaches courses such as Sport Marketing, Sport Finance, Sport Administration, Sport Communication, Sport Consumer Behavior, Research Methods, and Statistics.
Research Interests - Sport consumer behavior; Cross-cultural study; Service quality; Martial arts; Sport event planning; Sport branding

Dr. Kim's Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Kim's Recent Publications

Dr. Win Koo portrait

Dr. Win (Gi-Yong) Koo

Professor & Sport Management Ph.D. Coordinator  
Doctoral Directive Faculty 

Office Phone: (334) 670-5763

Dr. Win Koo earned his doctoral degree from the University of Arkansas in Recreation and Sport Management with an emphasis in Sport Marketing and Statistics. Dr. Koo received a M.S. in Physical Education with an emphasis in Sport Management and a B.S. in Sports & Leisure Studies from Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea. He teaches sport marketing, sport finance, research methods, and statistics while his research interests include the various aspects of marketing and consumer behavior in sports.
Research Interests - Sport sponsorship/endorsement effect derived from the consumer schematic information process; Understanding the psychological basis of sport consumer behavior; Effects of service marketing on the consumer decision making process

Dr. Koo's Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Heather Lewis portrait

Dr. Heather Lewis

Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management Program Coordinator & Associate Professor

Office Phone: (334) 808-6693

Dr. Lewis received a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Glenville State University and her Master’s in Business Administration from Fairmont State University. She went on to obtain her PhD in Hospitality Management from Iowa State University. Prior to teaching at Troy University, Dr. Lewis worked in the hospitality industry for several years as a hotel property manager. She teaches courses focused on hospitality management including: HR Management in Hospitality, Resort and Hotel Management, Food and Beverage Management, Current Issues in Hospitality, Hospitality Service, and Hospitality and Tourism Marketing.
Research Interests - Thanatourism (Dark Tourism), Motivations and Intentions of Tourists, Hotel Servicescapes, Study Abroad Participation and Influences

Dr. Lewis's Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Lewis's Recent Publications

Dr. Kate Price-Howard portrait

Dr. Kate Price-Howard

Associate Professor 

Office Phone: (850) 301-2156
(TROY Online -Ft. Walton Beach, FL)

Dr. Kate Price-Howard earned her doctoral degree in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism from the University of Utah.  She received a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Parks and Recreation Administration, with an emphasis and certification in Therapeutic Recreation, from Florida International University.  Her professional work experience includes more than 30 years in recreation positions onboard cruise ships, at summer camps, psychiatric units, and nursing homes, and she served as Director of Recreation for several resorts within Florida and Alabama. She founded and ran her own recreation consulting company, Go Play, Inc., which focused on teaching commercial recreation experientially to college juniors and seniors in an internship setting as an agency supervisor. Dr. Price teaches online courses focused on hospitality management, including HR Management in Hospitality, Resort and Hotel Management, Food and Beverage Management, Current Issues in Hospitality, Hospitality Service, Revenue Generation in Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management, and Financial Management in Hospitality Management. She also teaches courses in Recreation and Event Management, Recreation Programming, and Leadership Principles.  She has co-authored Crossley's Commercial Recreation & Tourism textbook (7th & 8th editions).
Research Interests – Entrepreneurialism in Commercial Recreation & Tourism; Music Tourism; Simulation Learning Efficiency and Effectiveness; Visitors’ intentions to return and Theory of Planned Behavior; Tourism disaster resilience and economic impact; Student engagement in online platforms; Power of millennials within the hospitality industry; Therapeutic recreation for veterans; Wage and salary studies in commercial recreation and hospitality industries.

Dr. Price-Howard's Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Price-Howard's Recent Publications

Ms. Nicole Sellars Portrait

Dr. Nicole Sellars

Sport Management Program Coordinator & Assistant Professor
Doctoral Directive Faculty

Office Phone: (334) 670-6656

Dr. Sellars received a Ph.D. in Sport and Exercise Science with an emphasis in Sport Administration and a doctoral minor in Applied Statistics and Research Methods from University of Northern Colorado. She is also a master’s graduate of Idaho State University and bachelor’s graduate of Boise State University. Dr. Sellars worked for several years in the National Basketball Association’s Gatorade League (G-League) before becoming an educator. She teaches courses in legal aspects, leadership, communication, and revenue generation.
Research Interests – Gender and diversity in sport; Sport career development; Athletic identity.

 Dr. Sellars's Curriculum Vitae

 Dr. Sellars's Recent Publications

Morgan Sims photo placeholder

Morgan Sims

Administrative Assistant

(334) 670-3827

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