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Governing Board of Southeast Alabama Regional Inservice Center (SEARIC)


The 11 Alabama Regional Inservice Centers were created by the legislature to enhance the training of school personnel in critical needs areas. The concept and mandate were adopted in May, 1984 (Act 84-622), establishing centers to provide "rigorous inservice training in critical needs areas for the state's public-school personnel, teachers, superintendents, principals, and local board of education members.” The Center operates under the guidelines of state-mandated accountability standards. Governing Board business is conducted according to approved center bylaws. A copy of the accountability standards and bylaws are available for review from the links below.

Accountability Standards



As mandated by the state legislature and the Alabama Department of Education, the Southeast Alabama Regional Inservice Center (SEARIC) operates under the direction and authority of a governing board.  The Governing Board is charged with the following responsibilities:

1)  In cooperation with the Alabama Department of Education and Troy University, determine policies for the operation of the center, including the days and hours of operation;

2)  Approve programs and activities that address needs as identified by needs assessments and/or student achievement data and the plan to access the center's programs and services by its constituent schools and districts;

3)  Approve the center's annual budget;

4) Delegate to the center director the authority and responsibility for the daily operation of the center, including the development and maintenance of necessary records (financial and programmatic) and the coordination of programs and activities; and

5) Approve the center’s official report of the programs and trainings offered.

The current Southeast Alabama Regional Inservice Center Governing Board members are:

Classroom Teachers Representatives (10)

Ms. Kimberly Braisted, Zion Chapel High School (Coffee County)
Ms. Kelly Langham, Slocomb High School (Geneva County)
Ms. Amie Miller, Geneva County Elementary School (Geneva County)
Ms. Sheila Armstrong, Thurgood Marshall School (Conecuh County)
Ms. Brittany Wheelus, Ashford High School (Houston County)
Ms. Lisa Hendrix, Math Specialist (Dale County)
Ms. Rachel Povlacs, Carroll High School (Ozark City)
Ms. Sasha O’Neal, Elba Elementary School (Elba City)
Ms. Julie Albritton, Luverne School (Crenshaw County)
Ms. Amy Hatcher, Dothan Preparatory Academy (Dothan City)
Vacant (Andalusia City)
Vacant Covington County)
Vacant (Daleville City)
Vacant (Escambia County)
Vacant (Henry County)

Administrators (6)

Dr. Christie Armstrong, Assistant Superintendent, (Troy City)
Ms. Tania Thompson, Brewton Elementary School (Brewton City)
*Dr. Donnella Carter, Deputy Superintendent, (Pike County Schools)
Dr. Zel Thomas, Superintendent, Enterprise City Schools
Mr. Michael Crews, Geneva High School (Geneva City)
Ms. Christie Hughes, Director of Elementary Education (Enterprise City)

Institution of Higher Education (IHE)Representatives (2)
Dr. Eva Marie Kane, College of Education, Troy University
Dr. James Ortego, Assoc, Professor English Dept., Troy University

School Board Member (1)
Dr. Katie Wyatt Fuller (Opp City Schools)

State Department of Education (1)
Mr. Shane Haws-Alabama State Department of Education 

*Governing Board Chairperson


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