Governing Board

Classroom Teachers Representatives (8)
Mrs. Cassie Battey, Andalusia Middle School (Andalusia City)
Mrs. Kimberly Braisted, Zion Chapel High School (Coffee County)
Mrs. Kelly Langham, Slocomb High School (Geneva County)
Mrs. Amie Miller, Geneva County Elementary School (Geneva County)
Ms. Jody Skipper, Headland High School (Henry County)
Mrs. Kim Tharpe, G.W. Long High School (Dale County)
2 Vacancies
Administrators (4)
*Mrs. Donella Carter, Administrative Assistant (Pike County Schools)
Dr. Diane Flournoy, Assistant Superintendent (Daleville City Schools)
Mrs. Litta Norris, Administrative Assistant for Teaching and Leading (Butler County)
Mr. Zel Thomas, Curriculum Specialist, Enterprise City Schools
IHE Representatives (2)
Dr. Ruth Busby, College of Education, Troy University
Dr. Brandon Sluder, Dept. of Kinesiology and Health Promotion, Troy University
School Board Member (1)
Mr. Wally Lowery, Troy City Schools
State Department of Education (1)
1 Vacancy
*Governing Board Chairperson