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The Southeast Alabama Regional Inservice Center provides ongoing and sustained professional development in technology to K-12 educators in Escambia, Covington, Geneva, Houston, Henry, Dale, Coffee, Crenshaw, Conecuh, Butler and Pike counties.

Alabama Technology in Motion (ATiM) offers complimentary onsite job-embedded professional development opportunities for teachers, aiming to enhance the integration of technology in teaching and learning. Our program provides a range of services, materials, and training to foster teachers' professional development, focusing on effective teaching practices, the establishment of technology-rich learning environments, and the implementation of project-based learning.

Our Mission:
We are dedicated to delivering professional development that empowers educators to acquire and sustain proficiency in utilizing technology. By doing so, we aim to equip them with the skills necessary to facilitate enhanced learning experiences for their students.

These training sessions and others are available throughout the year to all teachers, principals and superintendents.

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