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Regional In-Service Education Center

Regional In-Service Education Center


The Troy University Regional In-service Education Center was developed by the Alabama state legislature to provide staff development for teachers in the Alabama Public School System. It serves 21 school districts in Southeast Alabama. The In-service Center program is administered on other university campuses throughout the state. Troy University is one of 11 state universities to develop in-house programs focusing on the needs of the public schools, grades K-12, and create solutions to meet those needs.

The center conducts a biennial needs assessment program each year which targets the needs of every public school teacher within the state of Alabama. Workshops focusing on areas such as special education, reading, science and social studies are provided. Some of the workshops are provided by the TROY In-service Center, some are contracted with other consultants and others are taught by teachers within the system.

The Regional In-Service Education Center has been on Troy University's campus since its inception in 1984. It is governed by a board of public school teachers and administered by two university educators.

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