Student Housing Contract Terms and Policies

I. Signing the Housing Contract or a room assignment confirmation form does not imply academic admission to the University.

II. Residence Requirement Policy: All unmarried students who have not reached the age of 19 years of age prior to the first day of registration in the semester for which they enroll are required to live on campus the entire academic year or remaining portion thereof, unless recognized by the University in writing as residing with parents at the parent’s stated permanent home address. All students residing in University housing are required to retain their residence for the entire academic year, or remaining portion thereof, unless they withdraw from the University.

Provided, however, if a student withdraws from but then returns to the University during the same academic year, the student will be required to live on campus the remaining portion of said year. By definition, the academic year is the Fall and Spring semesters. This policy does not apply to married students. The contract must be signed before the application is complete and a room assigned. Failure of the applicant to sign a contract or to reserve a room for the semester of enrollment does not exempt the applicant from the Residence Requirement Policy. If a room assignment is neither agreed to nor cancelled within 30 days prior to the first day of registration for the semester in which the student is to enroll, the room assignment will be forfeited without notice and the room reassigned.

III. Application Fee/Deposit: A check or money order for $100 must accompany this application. Applications will not be processed until the fee is received. The application fee is non-refundable. If submitting application on line may pay by Credit Card.

IV. Assignment of Space: Students should note that residence hall space is reserved on a first come, first serve basis. The date on which the application and fee are received by the Housing and Residence Life Office will establish priority for room assignment. Subject to availability of space, the University will assign accommodations according to student preferences and without regard to race, religion, or
national origin. The University does not guarantee assignment with a specific roommate. Roommate requests are granted when space is available and the request is mutual.

The University reserves the right to assign or reassign space for the benefit of an individual student, living unit, or to accommodate changes in occupancy patterns. Students requesting a specific roommate should denote such on the housing application. The University reserves the right to refuse housing to any student who is delinquent in the payment of bills to the University, who has demonstrated an unwillingness to abide by the University Standards of Conduct or published Housing and Residence Life policies and procedures, or who exhibits behavior which is incompatible with the maintenance of order and property in the residence hall. Some residence halls have additional policy requirements and students residing in such halls are expected to comply with any additional regulations.

V. Room Cancellation:  Room contracts are for the academic year; however deadlines are established each semester for cancellations where certain criteria are met such as Graduation, Approved Internships, Marriage, Military Service, Proper Withdrawal from the University or Academic Ineligibility.  Request for room cancellation must be made in writing to the Housing Office, Room 100 Shackelford Hall, P.O. Box T, Troy University, Troy, AL  36082 or emailed to by the established deadline date to avoid late fees.

VI. Board: All residents residing in the following halls are required to purchase one of the available board plans: Alumni, Clements, Cowart, Gardner, Hamil, Shackelford, and Trojan Village. Students residing in the Hillcrest House, Honor’s Cottage, Paden House or Greek housing can opt for the dining dollar plan. Food service is provided to the individual resident who will be required to show appropriate identification before receiving each meal. Food service privileges are nontransferable in part or whole. Students are not allowed to cook except in designated kitchen areas. 

VII. Special Needs: If special accommodations are needed under the Americans with Disabilities Act, a letter of explanation needs to be attached to this contract. Requests for special accommodations must be forwarded as early as possible.

VIII. Cooperation: Those living in and visiting residence hall facilities will cooperate with University personnel and with each other in maintaining a routine of living conducive to wholesome college life.

IX. Accessibility: Residents are responsible for the cleanliness of their own rooms or suites. The University unconditionally reserves the right to inspect all portions of rooms at times convenient to its staff and to affect other steps necessary and advisable for the safety, security and conduct of its residence program.

X. Rights of Others: The University reserves the right to revoke the privilege of living in and visiting residence whenever the actions of a resident or visitor are not conducive to good study habits or when such actions interfere with the rights of others.

XI. General Conduct: Residents and visitors are expected to maintain reasonable quiet in and around all campus residence halls at all times.

Violators are subject to the penalties as outlined in the Housing and Residence Life policy guide and the "Standards of Conduct".

XII. Residence Hall Check-In: Residents will receive instructions from the Housing and Residence Life Office before time to move in each semester. Move-in dates usually begin the Sunday before the first day of registration. Residents are required to personally check in with the residence hall staff of their individual building. Room keys will be obtained during check-in. If a resident has checked in early or stayed during an interim, he/she is responsible for checking in with the staff during regular check-in. Notification must be given to the Housing and Residence Life Office concerning late check-in. Without such notification, the resident will lose his/her room assignment after 5:00 p.m. on the last day of regular registration.

XIII. Residence Hall Check-Out: Move out dates are posted throughout the residence halls at the end of each semester. Check-out usually ends the last day of final examinations. Residents must check out in person with the residence hall staff. In order for checkout to be complete and proper, a resident must meet with their Resident Assistant personally to have the room inspected, all personal belongings must be removed from the room, the room must be cleaned, all paperwork must be signed and the room key
returned. Failure to comply with check-out procedures will result in monetary fines. The University is not responsible for property left in rooms during breaks.

XIV. Residence Hall Moves: Residents who wish to change rooms may do so on MOVE DAY, which is generally the first day of classes each semester. Written permission must be obtained from the Residence Director(s) prior to the move.

XV. Private Rooms: Private rooms are assigned on a space available basis. If a resident wants a private room, he/she may ask the Residence Director to put his/her name on the private room waiting list. If, after move day, there are available rooms for private assignment, the Residence Director will assign them on a chronological basis. Students who receive a private room in a traditional residence hall will be charged an additional 30% fee over the standard rate.

XVI. Consolidation: Double occupancy rooms should be occupied by two persons. When one of the occupants moves (for any reason), the remaining student agrees to consolidate or pay for a private room (if available). If two residents are in agreement to accept a roommate, but neither is willing to move, that move shall be determined administratively by the Housing and Residence Life staff using the following criteria: classification of students, length in residence, logistics of both rooms, and distance from
each resident's permanent address. This policy also applies to Trojan Village Residents.

XVII. Room Care: Residents are expected to maintain a good standard of room cleanliness at all times. There are monthly inspections for cleanliness in all residence halls.

XVIII. Responsibility for Damage: The student is responsible for the condition of the room and furnishings, which are assigned to him/her. The University shall be reimbursed for all damages to or loss of these accommodations and furnishings. Residents of a hall may also be required to share the expenses of repairs and replacement of any property or cleaning in areas commonly used by residents. Charges will be assessed against the student by the University and must be paid promptly. The University, at its sole discretion, shall make determination of the amount of such loss or damage. Failure to pay assessments will result in a hold on the student’s registration, graduation, or transcript issuances.

XIX. University Liability: Although security precautions are taken, the University does not assume any legal obligation to pay for injury to person (including death) or loss or damage to items of personal property which occurs in its buildings or on the grounds prior to, during or subsequent to the period of this contract. Students or their parents are encouraged to carry appropriate insurance to cover such loss.

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