Trojan Village (Coed)

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Room Features  

The following are examples of amenities found in this dorm. These amenities may not be available for all room types. All room types on the Troy, AL campus have air conditioning and laundry facilities.

Air Conditioned


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Trojan Village Information

There are two and four bedroom apartment units available. Each unit has individual bedrooms. There is a common livingroom area for each unit and a kitchenette with a shared refrigerator and microwave.

Long Twin Beds
Living Room Window Measurements: 70"W x 58 1/2"H 
Bedroom Windows Measurements: 34 1/2 "W x 52 1/2" H
Individual Bedroom Measurements: 9.33' x 11.54' 
Room Closet Measurements: 2.03' X 3.50'

Two Bedroom Floorplan

Trojan Village 2BR Floorplan

Four Bedroom Floorplan

Trojan Village 4BR Floorplan

*Floorplans are not typical for all rooms (as room layouts/dimensions may vary)


  • Trojan Center
  • Banes and Noble Cafe

Academic Buildings

  • Bibb Graves Hall
  • Malone Hall
  • Math and Science Complex
  • Eldridge Hall

Parks & Rec

  • Natatorium
  • Trojan Center Theater
  • Track/Soccer Complex
  • Veterans Memorial Stadium
  • Riddle-Pace Field

 Brianna Hampton,

Katelynn Smith,

Markeyla Howell,

Zach Johns,

Tom Minshew,

Cheyenne Davis,

Marnena Pope,

Jasmine Canlas,

Daniel McCray,

Zoey Rowell,

Maliyah Childs,

Caroline Duffee,

Pedro Ferreira,

Alexis Gordon,

Erin McMichen,

Kayleigh Duprel, 


Trojan Village 
Trojan Village



Trojan Village 
Trojan Village


Trojan Village 
Trojan Village