Pace Hall (Coed)

Room Features

Originally constructed in 1947, Matthew Downer Pace Hall was renovated in 1998 as a co-ed International Living and Learning Center where U.S. and international students live together. Pace Hall is a suite/apartment type facility for both male and female residents. International students and American students who are interested in a cultural exchange will be given priority toward assignments. Most rooms are double occupancy with two rooms sharing a bathroom and kitchen facility. Rooms are furnished and include a stove and refrigerator in the kitchen facility.

Shared kitchen and bathrooms within each suite. Rooms include a bed, desk , closet space, chest of drawers  for each resident. All furniture is movable to allow students to more easily decorate their rooms to their tastes.

Pace Hall Prices

$2,150 (per semester)

$2,050 (per semester)

$1,975 (per semester)

     2 BR/ 4 People              1 BR/ 1 Person

       1 BR/ 2 People                     


Exterior of Pace Hall



Bedroom in Pace Hall



Desk Area in Pace Hall



Sink Area in Pace Hall