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Entrepreneurship Courses (ENT)

ENT 2200 - Innovation and Creative Thinking (3)

What does it mean to be an innovative thinker? Is there a difference between being creative and thinking creatively? Innovation and Creative Thinking will provide students with the opportunity to discover their ability to think creatively through brainstorming, conceptual development, and play discovery.

ENT 2210 - Innovation by Design (3)

Innovation by Design will showcase innovative companies, ideas, people, and models around the world. Students will learn about the process, challenges and failures that innovators have endured. Students will learn to identify needs, trends, and industry innovations that have created paradigm shifts and cultural revolutions. Most importantly, this course will attempt to have each student understand and believe in the necessity of innovation. This course is designed to inspire, and support innovate thinking to the aspiring entrepreneur. Prerequisites: ENT 2200

ENT 3325 - Entrepreneurial Mindset (3)

Entrepreneurial Mindset showcases innovative companies, ideas, people, and business models. Students will learn about entrepreneurial concepts, transformational innovation, creativity, and financial feasibility perspectives, and how entrepreneurial opportunities can become a reality. This course is designed to inspire and support innovative thinking in the aspiring entrepreneur.

ENT 3300 - Product Development and Mentorship (3)

Product Development and Mentorship will investigate the resources needed to employ the innovative idea. These resources may be identified as, but not limited to, resourcing related to labor, materials and inventory, outsourcing, prototyping and brand identification. Students will conduct test market focus groups related to design, implementation, and brand awareness. Prerequisites: ENT 2210

ENT 3330 - Micro-entrepreneurship and the Gig Economy (3)

Jobs paid on a per-gig basis exemplify entrepreneurship through flexible, nontraditional work arrangements. How entrepreneurs redefine work with the Gig Economy through shared creation, production, and distribution of products or services will be examined. Direct selling as a micro-entrepreneurial business-building platform will be explored. Prerequisites: ENT 3325

ENT 4400 - Business Plan Development (3)

Business Plan Development will assist students in developing a comprehensive plan that contains a business summary, profile, market analysis, organization and management, service/product, equipment, marketing and promotion, financial projections, and funding needs. Students completing this course will earn NxLevel Certification. Prerequisites: ENT 2210

ENT 4480 - Entrepreneurship Seminar (3)

Entrepreneurship Seminar is the capstone course in the Troy Bank & Trust Entrepreneurship Program. It integrates theory and practice from prior courses in the discipline while tying together the functional aspects of an entrepreneurial initiative. Topics focus on entrepreneurial innovation, opportunity, recognition, market research and feasibility, strategy formulation, and venture finance. Prerequisites: ENT 3300 and completion of 6 semester hours in the required Entrepreneurial Concentration.

ENT 4490 - Special Topics in Entrepreneurship (3)

This course examines a selected entrepreneurial topic of interest that is not covered in other course offerings. The topic for the semester will be indicated in advance. Students may repeat the course for credit as long as the selected topics are different. Maximum credit of six hours. Prerequisite: ENT 3325

ENT 4493 - Guided Independent Study (3)

This course involves direct project work of mutual interest to a student and faculty member. Prerequisite: ENT 3325

ENT 4499 - Entrepreneur Internship (3)

This course involves the practical application of entrepreneurship principles in an actual business setting. Students gain practical, professional experience in conjunction with academic development under the supervision of both a faculty member and an entrepreneur in the student’s area of interest. Prerequisite: ENT 3325 and completion of 6 semester hours in the required Entrepreneurial Concentration.

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