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Social Science Courses (SS)

SS 2220 - Introduction to Social Science

An introduction to the study of society approaches its study from a common-sense perspective, rather that a formalistic perspective more common in social science. Students will see how seemingly diverse disciplines intermingle and connect to one another– anthropology and economics, for example. The goal of this course is to teach students critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will allow them to approach social issues in an objective and informed way.

SS 3350 - Social Science Study Abroad (1-3)

Supervised investigation of relevant topics in social sciences through travel study abroad or within the interior of the United States. Prerequisites: SS 2220 and permission of the instructor.

SS 3375 - Research Methods in the Social Sciences (3)

Principles of pure and applied research for the social sciences. Special emphasis is given to the types of research methods employed by social scientists including survey techniques, field research, quasi-experimental designs and analytical procedures currently used in the social sciences. Prerequisite: ENG 1102 or equivalent, SS 2220

SS 3376 - Social Science Statistics (3)

A detailed description of what social scientists do with the information they gather. Particular attention is given to descriptive and inferential statistics, the relationship between research and policy, evaluation research, and research ethics. Prerequisite: STAT 2210 or equivalent.

SS 4450 - Selected Topics (3)

Designed as a vehicle for the exploration of topics of current interest within the major discipline of social science. Prerequisite: SS 2220

SS 4474 - Internship in Secondary Social Science Education (9)

The Professional Internship Program is the culminating clinical field-based experience for students seeking certification in a teaching field. The Professional Internship Program provides the student with the opportunity to conduct classes and assume the role of a teacher while receiving supervision from a classroom teacher and a university supervisor for a period of one full semester. The student will demonstrate skills of the informed, reflective decision maker throughout the internship experience. Prerequisite: admission to TEP. Co-requisite: SED 4454.

SS 4481 - Methods and Materials for the Secondary Teacher (3)

A survey of teaching methods and materials appropriate for teaching in the content areas for grades 6-12. Topics addressed will include teacher evaluation in the public schools, collaboration with special education teachers, and lesson planning formats. In addition, teaching methods, selections organization and use of history/social science materials for grades 6-12 will be covered in detail. A professional laboratory experience is included in this course. Prerequisite: admission to TEP.

SS 4489-90 - Internship in Social Science (3)

Application of skills and knowledge of social science in government agencies, public service institutions, or similar situations under the supervision of a faculty member. Prerequisite: Social Science major, SS 2220; junior/senior classification; 3.0 cumulative GPA, 3.5 major GPA; consultation with department Internship Coordinator.

SS 4493-4494 - Guided Independent Study (1-3)

Supervised study through field and laboratory projects, guided readings, creative endeavors or achievement of specific fields. Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing, with a minimum GPA of 3.0, permission of guiding professor, approval of department chair or dean. A written request is to be submitted to the department chair at least two weeks in advance of the term in which the study is to be undertaken. It may not be used to repeat a course for which a grade of D or below has been earned. Application forms are available in the Departmental Office. Guided independent study may be taken only in the applicant’s major or minor field.

SS 4498 - Social Science Theory (3)

A survey of the major theorists in the social sciences, emphasizing those who made critical contributions influencing the several social science disciplines and contemporary theorists whose works have an interdisciplinary element. Prerequisite: SS 2220

SS 4499 - Professional Seminar in the Social Sciences (3)

In this course, the senior-level social science student prepares for the transition to graduate school/career. The student explores himself/herself as a person and as a social scientists in an effort to choose a fulfilling career path. In addition to career exploration, students conduct a senior project in an area of interest consistent with their academic program. Prerequisites: SS 3375, SS 3376, and either SS 4498, senior status or permission of the instructor

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