Integrated Arts Courses

Integrated Arts Courses (IA)

IA 1150 - Integrated Arts and the Creative Habit (1)

Discover the Integrated Arts approach to developing creative habits. Engage not only your curiosity and imagination, but also discover new ways of working and connecting through active innovation, boundary-crossing, challenging assumptions, and moving beyond inhibitions.

IA 2220 - Fundamentals of 3D Modeling and Printing (3)

Introduces students to the fundamental skills required to begin designing and printing using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. Digital design terminology and techniques combined with an understanding of how 3D printers function will be delivered through a series of fundamental projects.Includes access to the Virtual and Physical Lab

IA 2230 - Large Format Printing and Sustainable Materials (3)

Utilizing sustainable materials like recycled plastics, concrete, and clay, this class will explore eco-innovative approaches to large format design and manufacturing including introduction to 3D scanning, scaling, and intermediate mesh modeling. Students may choose an Arts focus, an Industry focus, or a blend of the two. Includes access to the Virtual and Physical Lab Prerequisites: IA 2220

IA 2235 - Creative Collaborations, Teams, and Partnerships (2)

Work dynamically together and achieve more.Students explore collaborative ideas and experiment with hands-on application of new communication skills and tools. Emphasis on creative thinking and problem-solving, role play within different types of teams, partnerships, and collaborative groups. Learn how to lead or enrich your participation in creative ventures of any kind.

IA 3320 - Constructive Disruption: Design Process and Workflow (3)

Through 3D design and production, students will learnt o offer constructive disruption applying innovative concept, design, and manufacturing workflows and communication. Course will address the entrepreneurial mindset, problem-solving processes, portfolio building, and preparation for internship. Includes access to the Virtual and Physical lab. Prerequisites: IA 2220

IA 3330 - Product Development and Assistive Design (3)

Product development will be taught and applied through practical and creative 3D printing projects. Students will learn intermediate solid modeling and with an emphasis on assistive design. Includes access to the Virtual and Physical Lab Prerequisites: IA 2220

IA 3335 - Integrated Arts Concept and Design (2-3)

Students collaborate in the design and conceptual development of a unique creative production or project with a focus on multidisciplinary work and innovative integration of arts with other areas and disciplines. Outcomes aimed at public presentation and/or service. May be repeated for credit

IA 4496 - Integrated Arts Internship (3-6)

In this individualized internship, students work with an organization, business, or enterprise to engage in creative problem-solving in a professional setting, utilizing the arts integration process and skill sets.Expectations for collaborative goal-setting and measurable beneficial outcomes in partnership with host(s) and other stakeholders. Prerequisites: Permission of instructor and IA advisor

IA 4498 - 3D Design and Production Internship (3-6)

Students will identify or be partnered with a business or enterprise for internship to gain applied experience with the skill sets developed in these courses. Includes access to the Virtual and Physical Lab. Prerequisites: IA 2220, IA 2230, IA 3320 and IA 3330 or permission of chair