CO-OP Courses

CO-OP Courses (COOP)

COOP 3350 - Cooperative Education Program

Cooperative Education Programs, or Co-ops, are an extension of the classroom and provide students with experiential, hands-on learning prior to graduation. Co-ops provide the deepest level of industry training and experience, allowing students the opportunity to develop the skills needed to excel in the workplace immediately upon graduation. Co-op will run a full semester or term and are paid, full time positions at a university-approved employer. Students must commit 2-3 semesters/terms to co-op, which will alternate with traditional semesters/terms of study. This class will have a mid-semester and end of semester evaluation. Only one out of the two to three co-op semesters may take place in summer. Prerequisites: Minimum GPA of 2.5 overall, minimum of 12-semester hours of Troy University credit, approval by academic adviser, flat fee of$250 per semester Co-requisite: Contact with co-op coordinator