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Faculty and Staff


Elizabeth (Scout) Blum Professor
Timothy R. Buckner Associate Professor/Associate Chair/Graduate Program Coordinator
Robert D. Carlson  Lecturer
Margaret K. Gnoinska Associate Professor
Adam Hoose Lecturer
Allen E. Jones Professor/Chair
Joe McCall Senior Lecturer
Avington Medeiros Lecturer
Scott Merriman Lecturer
Martin T. (Marty) Olliff Professor
Robin O'Sullivan Lecturer
Dan J. Puckett Professor
Karen Ross Associate Professor
Kathryn Tucker Lecturer



 Philosophy and Religion 

Joungbin Lim Associate Professor
Jay Holt Valentine Associate Professor




“ TROY University acted as my home away from home during my time as an undergraduate student. I miss campus every day and the incredible people I met there, but most of all I miss the interaction between student and faculty. TROY has top tier professors who dedicate their time and knowledge to bettering their students. My experience in the History Department challenged me as a scholar and individual, pushing my intellectual limits and opening my mind to new perspectives while imparting the importance of taking a stand and defending it (as well as correct citations) . Without the History Department, I would not be the woman I am today, ready to take on the world.   ”

Saraelizabeth Parker  |  History, 2017
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