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Adam Hoose

Adam Hoose


TROY University 
500 University Drive

Dothan, Alabama 36303


B.A. Roberts Wesleyan College 
M.A. Saint Louis University 
Ph.D. Saint Louis University

Areas Expertise

Medieval Europe, Early Modern Europe, the History of Christianity, Religious History, Medieval Heresy and Inquisition


Adam Hoose is a lecturer in the History and Philosophy Department at TROY University.  He previously taught at the University of the Southern Mississippi, and held a Mellow Fellowship at the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies.  

He is currently revising a book manuscript entitled "Negotiating Orthodoxy in the High Middle Ages: the Early Waldensians and Franciscans, 1173-1228."  This book examines why the clergy condemned the Waldensians as heretics but recognized the Franciscans as orthodox, although both groups embraced voluntary poverty and evangelical preaching, in order to understand the origins and nature of heresy in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.  Because the modern approach to religion tends to compartmentalize doctrines and behaviors, interpretations have concentrated on the groups’ beliefs or, more recently, on how ecclesiastical authorities found heresy where no distinct beliefs were apparent.  His project reveals the decisive role of practice in the Franciscans' successful negotiation of an orthodox identity and the Waldensians' failure to secure such an identity.  He has published articles in the Catholic Historical Review and the Journal of Religious History, and has presented numerous papers at the International Congress of Medieval Studies and other conferences.  More broadly, he is interested in medieval heresy, the Inquisition, the history of Christianity, and pre-modern European history.

Courses Taught at TROY:

HIS 1101 Western Civilization I 

HIS 1102 Western Civilization II 

HIS 4441 Medieval Europe 

HIS 4442 Renaissance and Reformation